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Offshore Pipeline

Project Name Description Client
Titania trough, Block 31, offshore AngolaDebris flow impact assessment and pipeline vulnerability assessmentBP
Liwan 3-1 to CEP Pipeline route, South China SeaDebris flow impact assessment and pipeline vulnerability assessmentHusky Oil China Limited
SPM and Pipelines replacement project, Dar Es Salaam, TanzaniaBackfill liquefaction risk assessment due to wave actions and provision of soil-pipe interaction parameters for pipeline pullingLeighton Offshore Pte. Ltd.
Gehem and Gendalo Pipeline Routes, Offshore East Kalimantan, IndonesiaDesign soil parameters and pipe-soil interaction parameters for the two proposed subsea pipeline routesChevron Indonesia Company
Rosa and Dalia fields pipelines, AngolaAssessment of pipelines curvature and heading for the Dalia and Rosa fields based on recent survey dataFugro Survey BV
BP SmartPipe (second campaign) In-situ measurement of soil-pipe interaction in deep water very soft clay: acquisition, processing and interpretation of the data BP
Shtokman Gas-Condensate Field Development in the Barents Sea Surface soil conditions characterization and selection of geotechnical parameters for vertical, axial and lateral soil-pipe interactionAssessment of peak and residual lateral/axial resistances and equivalent friction factors for several load cases Shtokman Development AG
BP SmartPipe (first campaign) In-situ measurement of soil-pipe interaction in deep water very soft clay: acquisition, processing and interpretation of the data BP
XSPIM Soil-Pipe Interaction Model for SAGE Profile 3D Development of an advanced soil-pipe interaction software library for SAGE Profile 3D Fugro (in-house dev.)
Kikeh 12" Export Gas Pipeline Assessment of the trench slope stability during excavation (shore approach) Sapura/Acergy
Malongo Terminal Oil Export Pipeline Geotechnical route survey, factual report and geotechnical parameters (soil-pipe interaction) for pipeline design Saipem
Athena Well Development Trenching Assessment Trenching assessment of flowlines in the Athena Field (North Sea, UKCS Blocks) using plough and jet-trencher CSL
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) Submarine Water Pipelines SAGE Profile 3D free span analysis and span check of two water pipelines in order to optimize seabed rectification MPA Singapore
Total Peciko-5 - Pipeline Soil Friction Factors Assessment of the pipeline soil friction factors for a sealine and its expansion loops in the Peciko Field, Indonesia Nippon Steel
Panyu / Huizhou Gas Pipeline Prediction of Pipeline Free Span based on ROV as-built surveys Assessment of free span along a 120km pipeline section and prediction of erosion potential. Recommendation for remedial work. CNOOC
KOC Crude Export Facilities Backfill liquefaction assessment Assessment of cohesionless backfill soil properties in order to avoid soil liquefaction under wave loading HHI / Hydronamic
SmartPipe development Development of an in-situ tool to assess the vertical, axial and lateral soil-pipe reaction Fugro / BP
Ujung Pangkah Seabed Stability Very soft sediment seabed stability analysis along a pipeline route section in shallow water and in a seismic area KBR
Pluto field 36" trunk line Stress analysis for the 36" trunk line during water filled trenching CTC Marine / Woodside
North European Gas Pipeline Factual reporting and data integration of the 1,200km pipeline route PeterGaz / Nord stream
Odin 20" pipeline abandonment pick up analysis Feasibility study for ploughing a 20" pipeline and pipe integrity check according to DNV OS F101 CTC Marine
North Idku Geotechnical parameters for pipeline design Geotechnical design parameters for the North Idku development Phase 1 lines - 16" pipeline, 10" flowline and umbilical RWE Dea
Block 18 preliminary on bottom roughness analysis Preliminary on-bottom roughness assessment prior to the pipeline routing Technip
Pipeline crossing sleeper foundation analysis Design of sleeper foundation for pipeline crossing in very soft soil Hyundai Heavy Industries
Dalia span prediction analyses Span prediction of the water and gas injection flowlines and pipe-in-pipe production lines for the Dalia field development, including DNV RP-F105 span check Technip / Total
KGD6 Pipeline Assessment of soil geotechnical parameters for pipeline analysis Reliance Industry Ltd
Atlantic Cromarty upheaval buckling analyses Rock dump optimization using SAGE Profile in order to mitigate upheaval buckling on the 12" and 16" lines CTC / BG
MUT Bombay High pipeline trenching analysis Verification of the pipeline stresses during plough and jet-trencher operation using DNV code. Assessment of the force on pipeline crossing mattresses in order to optimize the transition areas and avoid pipeline slippage on the mattresses. CTC Marine
Pick-up analyses for the Atlantic Cromarty, Horne development, Saturn & Mimas and Annabel pipelines Assessment of the pipeline stresses and plough roller forces during trenching operation using SAGE Profile CTC Marine
Simian/Sapphire pipelines seismic analysis Review of the geophysical and geotechnical data as well as the seismic design parameters. develop a methodology for pipeline seismic design and perform pseudo-static seabed stability analyses, including the identification and quantification of the slopes in the vicinity of the pipelines. Genesis
Geotechnical parameters for pipeline design Assessment of the geotechnical parameters for the Peciko Phase 4 24" Trunkline and Sealine, including the assessment of the uplift resistance and the bearing capacity for crossing structure McDermott
Zafiro 14" rigid flowline on-bottom roughness assessment On-bottom roughness assessment of rigid pipeline using Fugro advanced pipeline analysis software, SAGE Profile CSO / Mobil
EJG pipeline free span remedial recommendation Recommendation for free span remedial work following pipeline inspection Stolt Komaritim / Pertamina
EJG pipeline dynamic free span analysis and fatigue life assessment Free span analysis during the East Java Gas pipeline inspection using SAGE Profile, including DNV span check and fatigue life assessment Stolt Komaritim / Pertamina
West Akhen pipelines post trenching appraisal Review of trenching performance in order to reassess soil conditions Gupco
Nugget line floatation assessment and soil testing of very loose backfill Line floatation assessment in jet trenched soil and assessment of backfill soil properties of very loose silty soil CSO / Technip
Pipeline uplift case study in loose backfill Understanding of the soil conditions and mechanisms that resulted in pipeline uplift behaviour in order to avoid similar problems CSO / Technip
Hannay upheaval buckling resistance of very soft backfill Assessment of very soft backfill properties and upheaval buckling analysis using SAGE Profile Boreas / Talisman
Tangguh Development preliminary pipeline analysis Provision of a pipeline outline design and assessment criteria to ensure that a feasible pipeline route exists in the surveyed area BP